IoT is one of the pillars of Digital Transformation. Industry, society and the Internet in general will suffer its greatest evolution thanks to this technology.

The Internet of Things does not look anything like a few years ago. It is growing rapidly and devices that previously only had some functions are now increasingly advanced.

The most important functionality of IoT is not only being able to monitor and control the connected devices in an autonomous and remote way, but the enormous capacity that this ecosystem has to offer us information. It consists, therefore, of having a new layer of data collection and sending and commands of action between the devices. Therefore, for today’s world, IoT is a key piece in 21st century business, since it facilitates the acquisition of great value at boom: data.

Okode has experience in the development and implementation of IoT solutions, in projects ranging from the definition of the business model, system integration, development of Cloud IoT applications (AWS) and exploitation of information generated on Big Data and Machine Learning platforms.


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