App road safety

Drivemesafe is an application developed in Okode for the Mapfre Foundation, with the aim of improving road safety and achieving a safer driving on the road, avoiding distractions at the wheel.

It is a free application that answers for you while driving.
The app consists of avoiding distractions at the wheel and choosing the safest route, while also avoiding receiving calls while driving.
The application automatically blocks the call and sends a selected message previously, to the person who is calling to inform you that the person you are calling is driving and can not assist you. Upon reaching the destination, the application allows you to see the received calls.

The app also informs of the conflicting points of the road or traffic incidents for a safer driving.

It is available for Android and for free for Google Play.

Made with native technologies, with exclusive development for Android with Android Studio.
The app implements internal services that remain in execution even if the application is stopped, which effectively blocks messages and incoming calls.

Industry: Foundation
Tags: Android / App / Mobile / Software
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