Ikea Smart List

The IKEA SmartList application allows you to scan the barcode of the product and automatically complete all information on the product, current availability in the store , organize the survey by name , price, weight or location. It also offers direct access to the instruction manuals of each product before buying and facilitates the management of products allowing classify them into different lists.
Available off line mode and also offers the ability to manually write code .
The app is available in 32 countries and in 10 languages.

Throw away those pencils and notepads and embrace the digital experience with this SmartList App.

* Take note: Providing the product code or simply scanning its barcode.
* Availability check: Take advantage and stay up to date about product availability. Maybe, there is someone next to you looking for the last EXPEDIT available.
* Custom ordering: The product list can be organized by name, price, weight or location in the store.
* Direct access to manuals: Watch the instructions manual for each product before you buy.
* Products List Management: Store your products in different lists.
* Offline mode

Available in 10 languages:
English / Spanish / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Chinese / Russian / Swedish / Portuguese

Industry: Forniture
Tags: App / iOS / Mobile / Apple Watch
Apple Store: Ikea Smart List