SOS Respira

SOS Respira is a guide to learning the sequence of correct action and maneuvers necessary to solve the choking, through videos and diagrams.

SOS Respira can be especially useful for parents, caregivers and for those professionals who develop their activity in the hospitality sector, senior centers and educational centers, locations where there is a greater possibility of witnessing a choking.
Health professionals and teachers can also use it as a support tool in their classes.  This initiative is part of the prevention programs promoted and directed by FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE.

Ionic Framework

The SOS respira application is programmed in Ionic Framework and is compatible with the main iOS and Android mobile platforms.
Highlights the offline support, which allows you to use the app without the need of an internet connection.
In addition, it has multi-language support and remote update.

Industry: Foundation
Tags: Android / App / Mobile / Health
App: SOS Respira